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April Photo A Day Challenge 2019

by Kristeena

Welcome April! This month we are moving, after living in our apartment for 5 and a half years, so there will be a new perspective to some of my pictures. We can’t wait! In this post you will find the challenge list, some ideas for each day’s prompt and then the list with it’s corresponding hashtags so you can use those on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter if you would like. If you need a refresher on how to play/where to post your pictures click here. If you would like to see my pictures from March you can find them in my March Photo A Day album. Happy picture taking!!

If you want more help with the prompts, and ideas of what to take photos below, read on:

1. Fun
What do you think of when you think of fun? I think of smiling faces, jumping, confetti and balloons. Jam pack some fun into a photo.

2. This is me
What’s you? Show you in a photo. It could be a self portrait, or it might even be something that represents you.

3. Environment
Environment means your surroundings – so share what’s around you in a photo.

4. Flat lay
A flat lay is basically when you’re shooting items from directly above. Usually those items will be arranged or styled on a flat surface.

5. Walk
Take a photo of someone walking, or a place you walked too, or even the green light on the traffic light that signals for a person to walk.

6. In bed
Well isn’t this a good excuse to lie in and be a little lazy?! Take a photo of in bed. You might like to even set a timer on your camera and snuggle up for the shot.

7. Broken
Broken… not in one piece. Share that in a photo. Sometimes broken things make the most magical photos!

8. Something weird
I honestly think we’re all a little bit weird and wonderful, and if you look hard enough you can find beauty in the weird things around you. Take a look and snap a photo.

9. Yellow
Take a photo of something yellow in color today.

10. I did this today
What did you do today? Share it in a photo.

11. Four
Perhaps you have a child who is four, or you might be celebrating four years of marriage, or you might want to make four cupcakes, or you might find a number 4 sign in your travels. Whatever it is, snap FOUR in a photo.

12. Cheese
SAY CHEESE! Or eat cheese! Take a cheesy photo and share it!

13. Letters
It might be time to bring out the Scrabble letters to make up a word for this photo. Or grab a pen. Or just look for letters in your travels.

14. Makes me laugh
What makes you laugh? For me it’s FRIENDS, my husband, my kids and my silly dog. What about you?

15. Night sky
I hope we have a clear sky tonight. Head outside and take a photo of what you can see.

16. PJs
Will you be vulnerable and share a photo in your PJs? Eek!

17. Lunch
Don’t skip lunch today {or any day for that matter}. Show us what you’re enjoying this lunchtime.

18. Pink
My favorite color! Take a photo of something pink, please.

19. A good thing
I love good things, and I know you do too. So what’s a good thing to you? Share it in a photo.

20. Someone you love
Aww, love. You might be spending time with family and friends this Easter weekend, so share a photo of someone you love. Extra points if you share a photo of yourself. It’s good to love you!

21. Eggs
Yum, EGGS! Preferably the chocolate kind. Can you share a photo of eggs today? Might be good reason for an egg hunt. If you don’t celebrate Easter, normal eggs are fun to shoot too!

22. High
Get high! Not really. I mean, go high and take a photo looking down. Or get low and shoot a photo looking up.

23. Apple
Potentially the most popular fruit in the world, take a photo of a delicious apple.

24. Grass
I have a feeling that macro-lovers are going to love this one. Take a photo of grass. Use your phone or camera to get a close up of the bright green strands of grass.

25. Low
So we got high a few days ago, now it’s time to get low. How can you show the difference from your earlier photo?

26. Blue
Beautiful blue! Take a photo of anything {absolutely anything!} blue!

27. A green food
It’s time to eat your veggies, or maybe find another green food… and take a photo!

28. Dirty
It’s time to get dirty – take a photo of something dirty. Perhaps your dog/pet has played in the mud, or maybe your kitchen is a bit chaotic – whatever it is, we want to see it!

29. Freedom
What does freedom feel like to you? For me, it’s being on the beach, alone, early in the morning before the world has really started to wake… watching the sunrise. Show us in a photo.

30. Golden hour
Golden Hour is the hour before sunset. It’s when the sky is golden and the light is soft. Google when the sun sets in your area and head out with your camera just before it happens!


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