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December Photo A Day Challenge 2018

by Kristeena

Oh my goodness it’s December!!! I can’t believe 2018 is almost over! My goal this month is to make as many of these picture prompts holiday related as I can. I just love this time of the year!!

In this post you will find the challenge list, some ideas for each day’s prompt and then the list with it’s corresponding hashtags so you can use those on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter if you would like. If you need a refresher on how to play/where to post your pictures click here. If you would like to see my pictures from November you can find them in my November Photo A Day album. Happy picture taking!!

1. I stood here
Take a photo of somewhere you stood today.

2. A good habit
What’s a good habit that you have? Do you exercise daily? Read? Meditate? Share it!

3. Treat
You have permission to have a treat today. Go forward and treat yourself, just remember to take a photo!

4. Time
How can you show time in a photo. Perhaps it’s a photo of a clock, or a before and after to show how time passes.

5. Over
Show ‘over’ in a photo. Perhaps it’s something going over something, or something covering something else. Get creative!

6. Mail
Are you getting more mail with Christmas almost here? Share some in a photo!

7. Under
Just like the over prompt, show UNDER in a photo. If you have an underwater camera, you might like to take photos underwater.

8. Dinner time
What’s dinner time like at your place? Share it in a photo.

9. I bought this
What did you recently buy? Share it in a photo.

10. Joy
Show joy in a photo!

11. Begins with S
What’s something that begins with S? Santa. Snow. Sugar. Sun. Surf. You choose!

12. Lights
Take a photo of lights. Maybe Christmas lights!

13. Decoration
There are lots of decorations around at this time of year. Take a photo of some you see today.

14. I made this!
What have you made? Share it in a photo.

15. Peace
Peace on earth! Show what peace looks like to you.

16. Hat
Take a photo of hat, on your head or not.

17. Snack
Take a photo of a delicious snack!

18. Card
Take a photo of a card, maybe a Christmas card you received.

19. Tree
Take a photo of a tree. It doesn’t have to be a Christmas Tree, but maybe that would be cool.

20. Wrapping
Share a photo of a gift wrapped, or wrapping paper.

21. Something green
Take a photo of something green.

22. Makes me feel merry

What makes you feel merry? Share it in a photo.

23. Together
Salt and pepper. Paper and ribbon. What two things go well together?

24. Gift
Take a photo of a gift.

25. Morning
Merry Christmas! Take a photo of your morning. I hope it’s lovely!

26. Relax
How do you relax? Share it in a photo.

27. Free choice
Take a photo of anything you please. Have fun!

28. Fave animal
What’s your favorite animal? Share a photo!

29. Made me smile
What made you smile today? Share it in a photo.

30. Self-portrait
Take a photo of yourself. It might be the last one for the year!

31. Yay!
Happy New Years Eve! Share a photo of something good.


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