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September Reading Recap!

by Kristeena

The past couple months I have stepped up my reading game. I have a deadline to meet and boy do I really want to meet it! It would have been a piece of cake had I not been a slacker around April/May this year. Fingers crossed I finish my challenge, if not I plan on finishing it even if it goes into 2019. I am not a quitter! 🙂

Here are my stats for September:

      • Read 6 books
      •  2,088 pages read
      • 1 Nonfiction-Psychology; 1 Historical Fiction; 2 Fiction; 2 Science Fiction
      • Challenge Themes Completed:
        A book about mental health
        A book set on a different planet
        A book with a time of day in the title
        A novel based on a real person
        A book about or involving a sport
        A book involving a heist
      • Favorite book I read this month: Beartown by Fredrik Backman

Below are the books I read this month, click on the book cover to be directed to my review 🙂


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