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August Photo A Day Challenge 2018

by Kristeena

Well it is August and just like that summer is almost over. This school year is a big one for the family, my stepdaughter Arianna starts high school (!) and my niece Sunny starts Kindergarten. Time flies by! Lots of changes happening in the next few months but more on that later. For now it’s time for a new picture list!

In this post you will find the challenge list, some ideas for each day’s prompt and then the list with it’s corresponding hashtags so you can use those on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter if you would like. If you need a refresher on how to play/where to post your pictures click here. If you would like to see my pictures from July you can find them in my July Photo A Day album. Happy picture taking!!

If you want more help with the prompts, and ideas of what to take photos below, read on:
1. My vice
A vice is a habit you have, usually not a great one. What’s your vice? What can’t you give up?
2. Fun!
How do you like to kick your heels up? Have some fun with this prompt!
3. Leaf
Take a photo of a leaf. Simple!
4. Weekend vibes
What are you doing this weekend? Take a picture and share a slice of your weekend with us.
5. Sunshine
Let’s make this hashtag shine rays from all over the world! Think about catching some sun flare or bokeh in your shot.
6. Ink
Do you dabble with inks and craft supplies. If you have a tattoo today is the day to share!
7. Flying
Time is certainly flying! If you are going on a plane today remember to click a picture. There are lots + lots of things that fly. See if you can catch an animal in action today.
8. Citrus
Take a picture so fresh that it will squirt citrus juice all over our screens!
9. Purple
The color purple is associated with royalty, luxury, power + ambition. It can also mean extravagance, creativity, devotion + peace. Show all things purple!
10. Heart shaped
Finding love in the right places. You might find a heart shape in nature, on the side of a bus or on a set of PJs. Take a picture and share with us romantics.
11. Cheeky
Have fun with this one! Show us your cheeky side.
12. Upside down
Think about shooting from underneath or from a new angle. Maybe you can shoot something the regular way but share your photo rotated upside down.
13. Eyes
The eyes see everything. Capture some lovely eyes today. They don’t have to be human. Animals and toys have eyes too.
14. Edge
Edges are everywhere! Side of the road, mountain tops and things have edges too.
15. Animal
Take a photo of an animal today.
16. Toppings
YUM! Give us all the toppings! Might be choices for dessert or a pizza. We will have the lot thanks!
17. Something warm
Baby it’s cold outside! Actually it might not be where you are but take a picture of something warm like a jumper, cup of tea or a fluffy puppy ☺
18. White on white
Can you frame two white things in the same shot?
19. Trust
Trust me this prompt may be a little tricky for some. But think outside the square. Think of a way that you can capture trust in a photo. It might be someone you trust or an item that is strong and stood the test of time.
20. Nature Macro
Here is where we get up close and personal with the flora and fauna. Zoom right in on something in nature and show us how beautiful mother nature is.
21. Wild
Is your hair a mess? Are you surrounded by animal print? Are you children less domesticated today? Please show us your wild side!
22. Kisses
Pucker up! Bring all the kisses to the internet today.
23. Brightly colored
Find the most colorful thing in your vicinity and frame up the perfect shot.
24. Nine
Nine is a FAB number of items to collect for a photo. Or maybe find the number 9 around where you live.
25. Round
Loads of things are circle or cylinder shaped. Go around with your camera and share something round.
26. Wall
What’s on the wall? Art? Paint? Posters? Find interesting wall to share with us today.
27. On the ground
Look down. What can you see?
28. Silence
Sometimes you can let silence do the talking. Can you capture silence in a photo?
29. A pair
Socks, gloves, shoes, foods….what can you find two of?
30. Yes!
What do you say YES to? Share it in a photo.
31. Red
Paint the hashtag red today!

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