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July Photo A Day Challenge 2018

by Kristeena

Welcome to another month of picture taking! July is a great month to try and make your pictures summery in theme.

In this post you will find the challenge list, some ideas for each day’s prompt and then the list with it’s corresponding hashtags so you can use those on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter if you would like. If you need a refresher on how to play/where to post your pictures click here. If you would like to see my pictures from June you can find them in my June Photo A Day album. Happy picture taking!!

If you want more help with the prompts, and ideas of what to take photos below, read on:

1. Lonely
Take a photo of something on it’s lonesome. Show solitude in a photo.
2. Furry
Take a picture of your fur baby or maybe you see a fabulous jacket or cushion.
3. Hot
What’s the weather like where you are? Are you eating a hot lunch? Maybe the love of your life is super gorgeous! Show us.
4. Heart
Love heart shapes are everywhere. Can you find a heart shape in nature today? Hearts can often be found on pyjamas and kids toys or make a heart with your hands.
5. Tired
Catch someone sleeping! Or spy an animal yawning? Maybe a cup of hot coffee will wake you up.
6. Blush
Take a picture of something colored blush or the human reaction!
7. Yawn
Animals and babies yawning make for the cutest captures. But maybe you can top that with something super boring that you can creatively capture.
8. Wonky
Is there something a little lopsided in your world? Show us!
9. Black
Take a photo today showing the color black.
10. Lucky
Are you feeling lucky? Snap a picture of something you’ve won or something you’re grateful for.
11. Outdoor
What can you see outside today? Take a picture of your soundings or an outside activity.
12. Energy
Are you bursting with energy? Maybe you’re lacking energy today? OR show us the energy you’re eating!
13. Hooray
YAY! Let’s celebrate something. Show us something good no matter how big or small.
14. White background
Now is your chance to take that perfect white background shot. You don’t need a light box. A white wall, a light coloured carpet or a bath tub can be the perfect white backdrop.
15. Sport
What is your fave sport to play or watch? Show us your best sporty capture!
16. Close
Are your children or pets close? Is there someone you’re close with that you’d like to share with us today? It would be FAB to see a close call!
17. Yummo!
Give us all food envy. Show us something yummy!
18. Young
Take a photo of something young and share it.
19. Heavy
Do you lift weights or can you show us how strong you are? Maybe you own a fat cat.
20. Text
Words are everywhere. Find some cool lettering today and show us in a picture.
21. Melt
Show us your best melty photo! Cheesy pizza or an ice cream. Maybe your heart melts.
22. Opposites attract
It’s true. Can you find two opposites that go together like peanut butter + jelly.
23. Imitation
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Can you catch a copycat in a photo or take a picture of something faux.
24. Wind
Show wind in a photo – it might be your hair blowing away, your clothes blowing on the line, or another way to show the movement of wind in a photo.
25. Fave color
Find your favorite color and show us in a picture.
26. Pile
Show us an interesting pile of washing, sandwiches, cushions – anything really!
27. Gift
Do you need to wrap a present for someone or have you received something special lately?
28. Helpful
Share with us a photo of something or someone that is really helpful.
29. Cool
Cool baby cool! Show us your coolest collections or something frozen. What’s the weather like today? Do you need your cool sunnies or a jacket because it’s actually cool?
30. Delight
What is something delightful that makes you smile? Snap a photo and share with us.
31. Faceless portrait
A faceless portrait is just as it sounds, a photo without a face. Have some fun with this! Cover up a person’s face with a pillow or book. Take a photo of another part of them {like their feet}. Get creative!

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