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‘The Bachelor’ Episode 11 Recap: Arie Lyin-Dick

by Kristeena

I really have no desire to finish recapping this season but because I am not a quitter here it goes…

  • Arie’s family likes both Lauren & Becca but feel Becca is a better fit for Arie
  • Arie continues to tell both ladies how much he loves them giving them both a ton of confidence going into the final rose
  • Lauren gets a last date of seeing one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Becca gets to pet llamas
  • Arie goes to sleep not knowing what to do but wakes up with clarity of who his choice is, puhleese
  • He breaks up with Lauren and as she is leaving says “I love you” I’m confused
  • He proposes to Becca saying he will choose her every day, ha! Her rose falls off it’s stem…foreshadowing much?
  • With the last hour of the episode we get a first for the franchise…we get invited to watch Arie dump Becca on one of their “happy couple” weekends. He has decided he wants to be with Lauren. I am not elaborating much on this because it will just make me mad all over again. I will say that I don’t think he should have done this on TV and he also needs to learn how to LEAVE when someone tells him to.

Onto recapping After the Final Rose

  • Becca gets to confront Arie and he just annoys me more. Saying he let them film the break up so that people knew she wasn’t to blame. Sorry dude but we would have known that without you invading her privacy in order to dump her on national television.
  • Arie & Lauren come out to talk about how happy they are blah blah blah. They did not watch the final episode and all I say to that is GIRL YOU NEED TO GO WATCH IT! Then he freaking PROPOSES to Lauren…are you serious dude??
  • We find out that Becca is going to be the new bachelorette and I think we all saw that coming. I thought maybe it would be too soon for her but you know what they say….to get over someone you have to get under 24 others.
  • We get to meet 5 of the bachelorette contestants…I like #1, 3, & 5. My nicknames for them as of now is Accent, Banjo, & Horse.

My final thoughts…

  • I understand Arie is human and humans make mistakes. I can get over the switcharoo if it really is what is better for everyone involved. My problem with him is that he let them film him dumping Becca and then that he proposed to Lauren on After the Final Rose. I found it to be insensitive. I also think that if you really love Lauren so much than her proposal should have been more romantic and authentic. You already proposed to one girl on the show, the second should have been in private. He also should have had to pay for the second ring himself but I have a sneaking suspicion it is another Neil Lane ring.
  • I am in love with Becca’s girl squad and I hope to see all of them in paradise.

If you want a quick laugh go check out Dean & Nick recapping the finale here. I was cracking up!:

See you May 28th for Becca’s season!

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