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March Photo A Day Challenge 2018

by Kristeena

I would love to see more people join my in the monthly photo challenge. It is a great way to get your creative juices flowing!

In this post you will find the challenge list, some ideas for each day’s prompt and then the list with it’s corresponding hashtags so you can use those on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter if you would like. If you need a refresher on how to play/where to post your pictures click here. If you would like to see my pictures from February you can find them in my February Photo A Day album. Happy picture taking!!

If you want more help with the prompts, and ideas of what to take photos below, read on:

1. Two / Take a photo of two things. What will you choose, my friend?
2. Coffee / Most people love coffee, so take a photo of your coffee or where you’re drinking it.
3. Food / Yum! Take a foodie photo and share it.
4. Shadows / Look at the shadows for photo inspiration. You might take a photo of your own shadow, or shadows of buildings, or maybe shadows casting on faces or other objects. Play around.
5. Loud / WOW, THAT’S NOISY! How can you show loud in a photo? Perhaps it’s busy traffic, kids playing, dogs barking… share it in a photo.
6. Silent / Yesterday you did loud, and now it’s time for quiet. What does quiet look like in a photo?
7. Begins with B / Take a photo of something that begins with the letter B.
8. Different / Not the same! Take a photo of something different.
9. Peep / Peep is through a narrow opening. You might look through a hole in something to take the photo. Be creative.
10. Savory / Not sweet! Take a photo of something deliciously savory.
11. Iconic / Iconic is widely recognized and well-established. What’s something iconic you’ve spotted today?
12. Pastel / Pastel is light or pale colors. Take a photo!
13. Ha! / Take a photo of something a little bit funny.
14. Clouds / Look up! Take photos of clouds.
15. Blue & white / Simple! Take a photo of something blue and white.
16. Money / Money, money, money! Take a photo of money. It’s fun to see all the money from around the world.
17. Green / Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Take a photo of something green.
18. Bread / Yum! Take a photo of bread. See if you can get a little bit creative with it.
19. Season / What’s the season where you are? Share it in a photo.
20. A note / Take a photo of a note and share it.
21. Oh no! / Oops! Oh no! Take a photo of something that’s a bit of a boo boo!
22. Last thing I bought / What’s the last thing you spent money on? Share it in a photo.
23. Candy / Hey sweet tooth. Take a photo of a candy, lolly or sweet.
24. Perspective / This is a really fun photography technique. Head over to the blog at fatmumslim.com.au for more details on how to do it.
25. What I did today / What did you do today? Share a photo.
26. I wish… / What do you wish for? Share it in a photo.
27. Cute! / Take a photo of something really cute.
28. Path / Down the garden path you go. Take a photo of a path. You might even like to use your perspective skills on this one.
29. Leaves / Take a photo of some leaves.
30. Apple / An apple a day, keeps the photographer happy! Take a photo of an apple.
31. Oh my! / Oh my! What do you think when you hear those two words? Take a photo.

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