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‘The Bachelor’ Episode 8 Recap: Hometown Showdown

by Kristeena

Well folks we finally made it to hometowns and this week we are going to meet Kendall, Tia, Becca, and Lauren’s families.  I’ll make this quick….again. Let’s get it started….

First Hometown: Los Angeles, California with Kendall

  • First stop the taxidermy shop, I just can’t with this.
  • Arie’s reaction to stuffing rats is about accurate. This is where Kendall loses me again.
  • Kendall has a twin sister named Kylie.
  • Everyone in her family knows she isn’t ready for an engagement by a long shot.
  • Kylie (the twin sister) is pretty spot on with her assessment of them as a couple. She knows her sister is in it for a relationship not a husband.
  • Hometown visit rating: C

Second Hometown: Weiner, Arkansas with Tia

  • They start by racing around in some cars. Already better than what Kendall planned.
  • Tia’s dad calls Arie “Airy” and I love it.
  • Both Tia’s brother & father call Arie out for being a  “playboy” and he admits he used to get around but is ready to settle down. Not sure you want to tell the potential in-laws that you used to get a lot of tail.
  • Tia’s family seems satisfied enough and gives their blessing.
  • Tia changes her “I’m falling in love with you” to “I am in love with you”
  • Hometown visit rating: A-

Third Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota with Becca

  • Becca takes Arie apple picking and it makes me want to move to a place where I can experience fall.
  • Since Becca’s father passed away her Uncle Gary will be filling in the father role.
  • Becca’s mom thinks it is a nice that Becca is falling for Arie but she is not into giving a proposal blessing at all.
  • Eventually she says she trusts Becca and whatever she decides in the end. I hope Arie doesn’t take that to mean she is giving her blessing.
  • Oh wait yes he does because he told Becca he got her mom’s blessing.
  • Hometown visit rating: B

Fourth Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia with Lauren

  • Lauren takes Arie horseback riding on the beach and then up  into a lighthouse for some butt rubbing.
  • Lauren lets him know that her family is going to very skeptical and for the first time this episode he seems visible nervous and very sweaty.
  • I now see where Lauren gets her dazzling personality. The silence (not to mention the distance) between everyone is awkward.
  • At the dinner table Arie has to excuse himself to get wipe off his sweaty face.
  • When he meets with her dad it doesn’t go great at first but Arie went to visit with troops back in the day so that wins her dad over.
  • Lauren’s mom is harder to win over and doesn’t believe that Arie isn’t telling every family the same thing. Which to be fair he is.
  • Like all of the parents her mom says she trust Lauren’s judgment. Clearly none of these parents are really on board with Arie…and who can blame them!
  • Hometown visit rating: B-

Rose Ceremony Time!!! But wait Arie wants to talk to Kendall first. Hmmm….what could this be about?

Arie sits Kendall down and seems to want reassurance from her that she can “get there” by the end of this process because she is potentially taking the place of another woman who is already there. Kendall says that she doesn’t want to lose him but she can’t say that at this time she is ready to get engaged. Good for her for being honest with him. That must mean Kendall is going home tonight right? Nope! Arie sends TIA home. That is definitely not what I, or anyone watching, thought would happen!

Don’t worry girl you dodged a bullet and now you get to go on Paradise and maybe find your very own Adam.

Next week we get TWO episodes! Sunday night is the “Women Tell All” episode and then Monday we get what looks like the first exciting episode of the season. Then again that could just be good editing. See ya then!


You can watch The Bachelor Monday nights at 8 pm on ABC.

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