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‘The Bachelor’ Episode 2 Recap: Bumper Car Trauma

by Kristeena

Hello rose lovers…sorry this recap is a day late! I logged in yesterday and all my posts from October 19th to present were GONE! I had a mini panic attack but my friend’s husband (who set up my blog) was able to fix it. Crisis averted! By the time that it was fixed I didn’t have time to post my recap from Monday night’s episode but better late than never right? 🙂

We open with Arie riding a motorcycle because of course. I know I am only two episodes into this season but I feel like we may have another snoozefest, hopefully I am wrong.

One-on-One with Becca K: Louboutins For the Win!

The date starts with Arie picking Becca up on a motorcycle and all the girls (except Krystal) ogling over it. He then takes her to what I assume is the house he is staying out while filming where he proceeds to spoil her (this date is very reminiscent of Rachel & Bryan’s date where ABC, I mean Rachel gives him the watch.) Becca gets to try be styled by Rachel Zoe herself and tries on a bunch of dresses while Arie sips on champs. Think Pretty Woman without the prostitution. They chose which they like best but guess what she gets to keep them all! He then gets down on one knee to give her a pair of Louboutins (ok that made me a little jealous) and after talking for a bit a man walks up with a briefcase full of Neil Lane jewelry for Becca to wear on their date later in the night. Of course she then goes back to the mansion with all her swag because producers love to stir things up in that house and you KNOW these ladies will be jealous.

Later that night they go to dinner where Becca opens up about her dad’s battle with brain cancer, they talk about how they are both very close with their family, and then she gets the rose. They seem to have a nice, genuine connection but I don’t see the passion there yet. I think she will be around for a few more weeks but I think he has more of a passionate connection with a couple of the other ladies.

One-on-One with Krystal: Hometown Too Soon

Arie & Krystal’s date consists of him taking her around his home town of Scottsdale, Arizona. Her shows her his old high school, where he had his first kiss, the pizza place he worked at, etc etc. From there they go to his house to look at old photos and home videos, then to his parents house where she meets his mom, dad, little bro and sister-in-law. I don’t know about you but to me Krystal looks a lot like Arie’s mom. The visit is pretty boring and uneventful but I am sure to Krystal it was just bliss because you know she is a smitten kitten. She told us that multiple times. You have spent 5 minutes with him…stop it.

The nighttime portion of their date is back in LA where Krystal opens up about her non-traditional family. Her dad left when she was young & her mom was emotionally unavailable which made Krystal feel like she wasn’t wanted. She also tells him about her brother and how she found out he was homeless when she got a call from the hospital that he had been attacked. I can’t imagine wanting to help my brother and him not wanting the help so my heart goes out to her. Arie puts her at ease but telling her that her upbringing doesn’t change anything for him and she gets the rose. From there they go to the first private concert of the season…Conner Duermit…yep never heard of him. All in all it was a pretty boring date and the verdict is out about how long Krystal will be sticking around. I need another episode to decide.

Group Date: Crash & Burn

Maquel, Marikh, Tia, Valerie, Annaliese, Lauren G, Kendall, Bekah, Jenny, Seinne, Jenna, Caroline, Brittany, Bibiana, & Chelsea

Welcome ladies & gentlemen to the “Bashelor Demolition Derby” where the ladies each pick a car, design it, and get to ram into each other until there is only one car left running. Now that is what I call a good date for this show. Let these ladies take their aggression out on each other with cars! Before we can start though we have to deal with the most asinine thing I have ever watched…Annaliese can’t stop crying because this is reminding her of a traumatic event from her childhood. Bad car accident you say? Nope! She is traumatized from a BUMPER CAR INCIDENT. Yep you read that right, bumper cars. Like the things at the fair or Boomer’s. She was trapped in the middle of a group of cars and people kept bumping into her. Ummm isn’t that the point of them? She literally says this: “I was so alone and so scared.” She is kidding right, she is just playing it up to get one on one time with Arie, right? Please tell me she isn’t serious? I mean I feel bad that she is crying but this is just ridiculous. Can we please move on now??

Turns out maybe Annaliese was full of it because she sure doesn’t seem scared while she is ramming into everyone! The last two women with running cars are Seinne & Tia but Seinne ends up getting the trophy. Fast forward to the date cocktail hour, which Brittany misses because she isn’t feeling well. Chelsea is the first one to take Arie for some one on one time because why wouldn’t she be. She tells him she was so mysterious the first night because she had something she needed to tell him….she has a son. Next up is Seinne, who went to Yale, has lived in Brazil & Italy, and really does not belong on this show. Meanwhile Bibiana is starting to lose her mind that she isn’t getting time with Arie. Her fiery, Latin temper is starting to show. While this is happening Arie & Bekah have their time together. I have a feeling she will be around for a while. She seems to bring out this youthful side in Arie and they have some major physical chemistry. While we are talking about physical chemistry I just have to say one thing…Arie’s kisses=yuck. He has this reputation as being a great kisser but all I see is some very gross kissing. Case in point:

Just no

I thought for sure after that make-out sesh Bekah would get the rose but instead it goes to Seinne. Snooze.

Cocktail Party Highlights:

  • Arie takes Brittany first to make sure she is feeling better and gives her the “Most Hardcore” award for the derby…they don’t seem to have that much of a connection.
  • Krystal starts to show her villainess side but taking Arie not once but TWICE for some time even though she already has a rose. Turns out the sweet, albeit annoying, voice is just a front.
  • Kendall shows him a stuffed seal from her taxidermy collection.
  • Bibiana finally gets her time only to have it interrupted by Krystal (her second time interrupting) and Bibiana is not having it. She calls Krystal out about taking time away from other girls and comments on her voice saying, “When you learn to speak to me like a normal human being and not a fake tone, I can actually respect you and listen to you.”

Rose Ceremony Time!!!

Staying: Krystal, Becca, Seinne, Maquel, Jacqueline, Bekah, Jenna, Chelsea, Lauren S, Tia, Annaliese, Lauren B, Kendall, Brittany, Ashley, Marikh, Caroline, & Bibiana

Going: Valerie, Lauren G, & Jenny (who gets VERY upset because she has to leave the friends she has made…not sure she understands the point of the show)

Tune in next week to see if Krystal continues to make enemies, if we get any front runners, and to see some more bad kissing.

You can watch The Bachelor Monday nights at 8 pm on ABC.

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