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January Photo A Day Challenge 2018

by Kristeena

I can not believe we are done with 2017! I have to say this was definitely a good year for me. I started this blog and it was a fun adventure to begin. I am hoping to do even more in 2018. New year, new start so why don’t you join in the photo challenge for this month?!

In this post you will find the challenge list, some ideas for each day’s prompt and then the list with it’s corresponding hashtags so you can use those on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter if you would like. If you need a refresher on how to play/where to post your pictures click here. If you would like to see my pictures from December you can find them in my December Photo A Day album. Happy picture taking!!

If you want more help with the prompts, and ideas of what to take photos below, read on:

1. i am here
Happy New Year! Where are you spending the first day of this new year? Share it in a photo.

2. yellow
Take a photo of something yellow and share it!

3. on the floor
Look down. Take a photo of something you see on the floor. It’s fun way to show a different perspective.

4. plain
Take a photo of something plain. It might be a minimalistic photo, or maybe the subject matter is plain and uncomplicated.

5. stacked
Pile them up! It might be a pile of books, blocks or donuts… show us a stack of something!

6. happy place
Go to a place that makes you happy and share it in a photo.

7. light
So this one can be taken in so many different ways. You might like to play on the more obvious side and take a photo of a light, like a lamp or lightbulb. Or you might like to think outside the box and take a photo of the sun at sunrise or sunset. The possibilities are endless.

8. splendid
Splendid darling! Take a photo of something that is just that, splendid!

9. everyday moments
In life we have moments that happen daily, and we do them without thinking. Often these moments are the beautiful ones. Your early morning coffee as the sun rises, chaotic dinnertime with your family, your transit to work. Snap a photo.

10. i like this!
What do you like? Share it!

11. me
Hello you. Take a photo {a selfie if you like} and share it. Not feeling camera-ready? Take a photo of an old favourite photo of you.

12. sweet
Donuts. Cakes. Puppy dogs. Moments. Take a photo of something sweet.

13. floral
Take a photo of something floral!

14. faceless portrait
A faceless portrait is just as it sounds, a portrait without a face. You can be cheeky and fun with this. Cover the person’s face with a book. Take a photo of another part of them {their shoes!}. Think outside the box.

15. new
Take a photo of something new. It might be a reason to go shopping, just saying!

16. wall
I find walls so beautiful. The different textures and colours are amazing. Take a photo of a wall.

17. thoughtful
Take a photo of something thoughtful. Perhaps it’s you that’s being thoughtful in taking the photo. This prompt is so broad, and there’s no wrong. Enjoy it!

18. cool
An ice cream is cool. Sunnies are cool. That band you love is cool. Perhaps the weather is cool. Snap a photo.

19. paper
You’ll come across paper in your travels today. It might be envelopes in the mail, the book you’re reading, a magazine or a paper plane. Take a photo, my friend!

20. reflection
This is such a fun prompt! Over on my blog I’m going to be sharing some fun ways to play with reflection. Pop over to fatmumslim.com.au to have a read.

21. day off
How do you spend your day off? Share it. {Psst, if it’s not your day off… then share a photo of past days off}.

22. scenic
Take a photo of a scenic view you see today.

23. yum!
Delish! Take a photo of something really yummy!

24. begins with S
Take a photo of something that begins with the letter S.

25. my morning view
Share a photo of something you see during your morning.

26. thank you for…
What do you want to say thank you for. Share a photo.

27. in the night
After the sun goes down, share a photo of what you see at night. It might be reading a bedtime story with your kids {if you have them} or grabbing a bite to eat. We’d love to see what your night looks like.

28. text
You might see words in signs during your day, or in other places. Take a photo.

29. magic
Share a photo of magic. It might be literal, or it might be something that feels like magic – the light as the sun goes down, bubbles in the blue sky, glitter being tossed – you decide.

30. a secret
How can you show a secret in a photo? Is you sharing something you haven’t told before? Is it someone holding their finger up to their mouth to show that they don’t want to tell something?

31. less is more
Think simple! Take a photo of something minimalistic and simple.

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