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2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge

by Kristeena

In 2017 I completed my first reading challenge and I have to say at times I thought I was not going to finish it! It was hard to get through some of the prompts that were of no interest to me but that is kind of the point of doing a challenge isn’t it? It makes you broaden your reading horizons and read things that wouldn’t normally be on your radar. I toyed with the idea of NOT doing another challenge this year but then I found the POPSUGAR challenge and decided I wanted to try it. For one I liked the prompts way more than the one I did in 2017 AND there is a Goodreads group dedicated to this challenge. There are discussions for each prompt so people can get ideas of what to read, spreadsheets that people make to help you track your progress, and encouragement to get through the year. It looks like it is going to be very helpful. I already made my spreadsheet (which I will attach here if anyone wants to steal) and I definitely put way too much time into making it lol.

There is a normal version of this challenge, which is 40 prompts, and an advanced version, which is 50 prompts. Most of the prompts I am able to read books that I have on my TBR list so that is awesome for me! In 2017 my book goal was 60 and I am currently reading book #75 and I am sure I will finish it by the end of the year. In 2018 I will be upping that goal to 70 books!

You can find the POPSUGAR Goodreads group by clicking here.

You can get my spreadsheet here.

So who wants to challenge themselves with me?



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