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Review: Dearly Devoted Dexter (Dexter, #2) by Jeff Lindsay

by Kristeena
Review: Dearly Devoted Dexter (Dexter, #2) by Jeff LindsayDearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
Series: Dexter
Published by Doubleday Books on March 15th 2005
Genre: Crime Fiction
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 292

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He’s a charming monster… A macabre hero… A serial killler who only kills bad people.

Dexter Morgan has been under considerable pressure. It’s just not easy being an ethical serial killer – especially while trying to avoid the unshakable suspicions of the dangerous Sergeant Doakes (who believes Dexter is a homicidal maniac…which, of course, he is). In an attempt to throw Doakes off his trail, Dexter has had to slip deep into his foolproof disguise. While not working as a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department, he now spends nearly all his time with his cheerful girlfriend, Rita, and her two children, sipping light beer and slowly becoming the world’s first serial couch potato. But how long can Dexter play Kick the Can instead of Slice the Slasher? How long before his Dark Passenger forces him to drop the charade and let his inner monster run free?

In trying times, opportunity knocks. A particularly nasty psychopath is cutting a trail through Miami – a man whose twisted technique leaves even Dexter speechless. As Dexter’s dark appetite is revived, his sister, Deborah (a newly minted, tough-as-nails Miami detective), is drawn headlong into the case. It quickly becomes clear that it will take a monster to catch a monster – but it isn’t until his archnemesis is abducted that Dex can finally throw himself into the search for a new plaything. Unless, of course, his plaything finds him first…

Like the first book in the series this one was entertaining enough. I don’t know if I would like them as much had I not already seen the TV show and loved that so much. Lindsay’s writing isn’t that strong and he tries to fit a lot into a book so he skips over needed details. I enjoyed the story in this book better than the first. If you are a fan of the show I would say the books are worth reading. I plan to read the rest of the series and then I want to go back and re-watch the show. I would give this one a 3.5 like I did the first book.

Favorite Quotes:
“Of course, having information to use is one thing. Knowing what it means and how to use it is a different story.”

“The key to a happy life is to have accomplishments to be proud of and purpose to look forward to, and at the moment I had both. How wonderful it was to be me.”

“It’s an odd term, girlfriend, particularly for grown persons. And in practice an even odder concept. Generally speaking, in adults it described a woman, not a girl, who was willing to provide sex, not friendship. In fact, from what I had observed it was quite possible for one to actively dislike one’s girlfriend, although of course true hatred is reserved for marriage.”

“I know family comes first, but shouldn’t that mean after breakfast?”

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