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Halloween 2017

by Kristeena

In lieu of doing a ‘Friday Favorites’ post today I decided to post about my Halloween instead 🙂 This year I was a Rockford Peach from one of the best movies ever, A League of Their Own. If you have never seen that movie stop what you are doing and go watch it right now! I have to say this year I got so many compliments about my costume so I made a good choice! I have wanted to buy this costume for a couple years now and glad I finally did. In the morning I went to Sunny’s school for her Halloween parade and trunk-or-treat. She was dressed up as Princess Anna riding a unicorn….adorable as always.

Caroline and I are always the only ones who dress up at work….clearly we are the best people here 🙂

Sunny with her Mom, Dad, Papa, & Aunt Tana

My favorite girl 🙂

After work my mom picked me up and we met Sunny & her mom, Paige, at Spookyville in Yesteryear Village at the fairgrounds. The weather was perfect, it wasn’t too busy, and Sunny had a great time. It is a really nice set up as an alternate for trick-or-treating around the neighborhood for kids who may be too scared of going house to house. They have rides, arts & crafts, yummy food, and trick-or-treating. It was another successful Halloween 🙂

It is a little blurry but still cute 🙂

Sunny & Atta

The prettiest unicorn in all the land!!!!

And she’s pooped!






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