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Bedner’s Farm Fun

by Kristeena

Do we look overheated?

A few weekends ago we all went to Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market for their Fall festival and slacker me totally forgot to post about it! My cousin Danielle and her sons were in town for the weekend so I had the idea to take them and Sunny to Bedner’s….not sure everyone was happy with my choice, haha. I think the kids definitely had fun but oh my goodness not only was it insanely busy but it was soooooo hot out. We were all dying! The kids got to play in some bounces houses, pet some cute animals, ride a horse, go in the corn maze, and take a hay ride so as long as they had fun it was worth it. Plus I LOVED everything about it, heat or not. Maybe next year we should check the weather and go on a day when it is cool. The past couple days here would have been the perfect time to go. You live and learn! 🙂

Cutie pies!

We made it out of the corn maze!

Our hayride with no hay :/





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