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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 3 Recap: Shame on Dean

by Kristeena

Well we have another two nights of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ this week so let’s get right into it. We left off last week still not having a rose ceremony so hopefully we finally get there tonight! In case you forget the girls have the power this week and instead of the men trying to get to know them they are too busy with their bromances. There are 2 or 3 solid couples and everything else is up in the air. These men should be romancing the women, not each other. With that we have a new arrival to Paradise, Adam and my favorite…AJ!!! I have no idea why I love that stupid doll so much!

Adam comes in with a date card and is trying to decide between Kristina & Raven. He pulls them both aside to chat but ends up deciding to take Raven on the date much to Ben and his dog’s dismay. Did you know that Ben & Raven’s dogs are only one week apart? Well now you do because THAT IS ALL BEN IS CAPABLE OF TALKING ABOUT. You love you dog, we get it! The next day Adam and Raven head out to their date to Sayulita Pueblo Magico for some exploring, chatting, and dancing. Apparently when the show was on the 2 week hiatus they had met up in Texas and had a good time together so they are both hoping that will continue. They have a pretty boring date but it seems to go well.

Cocktail party summary:

  • Jack Stone & Alexis seem to be getting along well. He isn’t seeming as creepy anymore.
  • Robby chats with Amanda, he feels a connection but is treading lightly because she was formerly engaged to his friend. He asks to kiss her and she shoots him down. Side note holy moly Robby is a sweaty mess!
  • Jasmine is still vibing Matt hard and thinks he is husband material.
  • Iggy pulls Lacey aside to do a Jewish blessing over their drinks and then she has some one on one time with Diggy which ends in some smooches.
  • Alex is doing anything he can to try and find someone to give him a rose. Yeah sorry buddy you are definitely about to be voted off the island.
  • Dean tells Kristina that they need to take a step back and slow down a bit.

FINALLY it is rose ceremony time!!

Taylor to Derek
Jasmine to Matt
Raven to Adam
Alexis to Jack Stone
Lacey to Diggy
Danielle to Ben Z
Kristina to Dean
Amanda to Robby

Going home: Alex, Nick, Iggy, & Vinny

Next day Danielle L arrives and oh boy do all the men start to drool….here comes trouble!

Danielle comes in wanting to take either Ben or Dean on a date. After chatting with everyone she choose Dean, he says yes, and that does not make Kristina very happy. The consensus is that Dean is a real jerk for taking this date card so bring on the drama. Their date consists of ATV riding, chatting, and kissing. So far BIP dates are pretty lame! Back at the resort Dean gets the vibe that Kristina is not very happy with him so he goes to chat with her. They seem to get back on track but then that night around the bonfire Dean goes and gets a cake for Danielle’s half birthday and it is just awkward around that fire! Kristina than walks off crying and the episode ends with her saying she wants to go home. What will happen tomorrow? Will Dean keep playing both girls? What new girls will arrive and what drama will that bring? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

You can watch ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Mondays & Tuesdays at 8 pm on ABC.









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