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June Photo A Day Challenge

by Kristeena

Holy bananas tomorrow it will be June which means new photo list time!! The design of this list is perfect because there are two very important birthdays in the month of June…my mom and Sunny 🙂 In this post you will find the challenge list, some ideas for each day’s prompt and then the list with it’s corresponding hashtags so you can use those on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter if you would like. If you need a refresher on how to play/where to post your pictures click here. If you would like to see my pictures from May you can find them in my May Photo A Day album. Happy picture taking!!

If you want more help with the prompts, and ideas of what to take photos below, read on:

1. Joy!
Joy! That simple, good, lovely happiness! Share it in a photo.

2. Besties
Who’s your bestie? Perhaps it’s a person, or an animal. Share it in a photo.

3. Reflection
You can see a reflection in a shiny surface, a mirror or a body of water. Take a photo of a reflection. Good luck!

4. Local
Head out and take a photo of something local to you.

5. Round
Take a picture of something that is circular in shape.

6. Cooking
If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Take a photo of cooking – done by you or someone else.

7. Entrance
An entrance is an opening, such as a door, passage, or gate, that allows access to a place. Share it in a photo.

8. Arrow
Once you start looking you’ll find them. You can see arrows on street signs, painted on the road and in shop signs too. Find an arrow and snap a photo.

9. Full
Take a photo of something full – a glass, or maybe what even make your heart feel full. You can also fill the frame {no negative space} with a subject matter. Give it a try.

10. Map
Get out the map and snap a photo!

11. Stunning
What’s stunning to you? Is it a landscape? A person? An item? The view?

12. Exercise
Get your joggers on! Show us some exercise, or what you see when you exercise.

13. Time
Tick tock! Take a photo of a clock, or time passing. You could even do a before or after, so show how time passes.

14. Begins with F
Share a photo of something that begins with the letter F.

15. Symmetrical
Share with us a photo of something that is symmetrical or mirrored.

16. My style
Some people love retro, some a little country. You might even like to share your style of photography. Have fun!

17. Bottle
Yep, simple. Take a photo of a bottle.

18. Magic
Magic can be a feeling, or it could be the actual act of magic. Show magic in a photo {for some reason sparklers always seem like magic!}.

19. Letter
Take a photo of a letter – like an envelope or a letter of the alphabet.

20. Yay!
What makes you happy and excited? What makes you say YAY? Share it in a photo.

21. On the table
What’s on the table? Share it in a photo.

22. Teal
Teal is a mix of blue and green, kinda like aqua but different. Share teal in a photo.

23. Parallel
Parallel is side by side and having the same distance continuously between them. Share it in a photo.

24. Color splash
Color splash is a photography technique where you convert a photo to black and white while keeping your chosen details in color. Head over to fatmumslim.com.au for tips on how to achieve this.

25. Blossom
Blossom is flowers, or it might be the way something has grown to it’s potential. Share in a photo.

26. In a stack
You know what’s REALLY great in a stack? PANCAKES! But you could put anything in a stack – magazines, books… show a stack in photos.

27. Old
Take a photo of something old in your life – something that’s been around for a while.

28. New
Take a photo of somethign new in your life.

29. White on white
Take a photo of something white, on a white background. A good way to get really clean whites is to play around with the brightening tool when editing.

30. This is who i am
Who are you? Share it in a photo.





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