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Sunfest 2017

by Kristeena

This past weekend was Sunfest and I think I am still recovering. Sunfest is a 5 day music festival here in West Palm Beach that happens every May. There is great music, food, party barges, and art booths. Luke & I went both Saturday and Sunday and had a lot of fun. Saturday was our “party day” whereas Sunday was a more relaxing time. Saturday we went to see the band Breaking Benjamin and they were great (although I wish they would have sang a couple of my favorite songs.) We then spent the rest of our time barge hopping and dancing our butts off. We headed home way earlier then we expected but I guess that is what happens when you start drinking at 11 am! 🙂

After wearing my fake nose ring all day I want to get my nose pierced for real. I loved it!!

Watching Breaking Benjamin

Sunday was definitely more mellow, probably because we both had to go to work Monday. Note to self: next year take the Monday after Sunfest off work. We met up with Mom, Kelley, and Lexi to watch Ambrosia, eat some Sriracha tater tots (YUM!), walk around the vendors, have a couple drinks, and then headed home around 5. Normally we would stay for the fireworks at the end of the night but we were exhausted. Overall we had a great weekend and can’t wait until next year’s Sunfest!!

Listening to a little Ambrosia

These straws were awful!



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