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Friday Favorites

by Kristeena

Feliz Viernes!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful week! Tomorrow Luke leaves to go visit Arianna in Georgia for a week. It is her spring break so they are having a family BBQ tomorrow night and then Sunday are heading to a cabin in North Carolina. I am pretty jealous that I can’t go but I will use the week catching up on some TV shows and of course reading. I am such a party animal! Ready for some favorites?….let’s go!

Favorite Lazy Dinner: There are just some nights where you look into the kitchen and the last thing you want to do is cook dinner. That happens to me more than I would like to admit. Cue looking up lazy dinners! This beef & broccoli has a prep time of 5 minutes and a cook time of 10 minutes. Perfect!

Favorite DIY Gift: I am always looking for cute, homemade gifts that aren’t cheesy. This DIY Sangria kit is a perfect gift for a housewarming party, birthday, Christmas, or just because. I have someone that I know would LOVE this gift so maybe just maybe I will be making it soon.

Favorite Buzzfeed Article: I don’t know about you but I love Buzzfeed. The quizzes are fun, the “must have” articles are great, and they always have topical ideas for holidays/special occasions. Since tomorrow is April Fool’s Day here is a list of 50 pranks you can pull on your kids. I even think some of these would work on your significant other too. The spider drawn on the toilet paper, yeah Luke would freak!

Favorite Genius Idea: Have you ever wanted to just go to the airport, pick a destination, and just get on a flight and go? What an adventure that would be! Well with Pack Up & Go you can pretty much do just that. You go on the website and fill out a quick questionnaire about your budget, travel dates, & travel preferences. From there the company books your travel & accommodations that are within your budget. A week before your departure you will get an email telling you the weather forecast for your destination, recommended items to pack, any luggage size restrictions, and where to go and when (your local airport, train station, etc.) A few days before the trip you will receive an envelope in the mail but you don’t open it! The day of your departure you go to the designated location from the email, open your envelope and GO! I absolutely love this idea!

Favorite Product: I love to travel and my travel bucket list is about a mile long. I came across this Scratch-Off World Map and thought it was such a fun way to keep track of all the places you have been and all the places you want to go.

Favorite OMG dessert: Sometimes there is nothing better than a peanut butter & jelly sandwich so what if you could have that same flavor but in a doughnut? Better right? These PB&J Doughnut Holes look sinfully delicious!

Favorite Backyard Oasis: In a previous ‘Friday Favorites’ I talked about “she sheds” and now, not only do I want one of those, I also want a backyard bar shed! This is something that can be enjoyed by everyone and it perfect for entertaining guests. There are endless possibilities on how you can decorate it and what you can include. So much fun!

Favorite Photography Hack: Who doesn’t love a photo filter? They can make a basic picture look beautiful, not to mention they are great for selfies. We all know about filters on phone apps but there are also filters you can use when taking professional pictures. This DIY camera filter for funky & colorful photos is easy to do and makes photos look amazing.

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