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Daniel & Alan Get Hitched!!

by Kristeena

Last weekend we attended one of the most loving weddings I have ever been to. My cousin Daniel and his partner Alan finally tied the knot after 10 years together. My day started with mom and I going to the mall to try on dresses, nothing like waiting until the last minute.  I was lucky enough to find a really pretty Lilly Pulitzer hot pink dress that I can wear again which is always a plus. From there I decided to treat myself and get my hair and make up done, I don’t think Luke recognized me when I got home. I am a ponytail, no make up kind of girl but after getting all dolled up I really want to try and do myself up more!

Isn’t my mom gorgeous?!

Cutest couple ever!

The wedding was at Social House in Lake Worth and it was the perfect venue for a small, intimate wedding. During the ceremony I am pretty sure every single person got teary eyed when they were saying their vows. You could just feel the love in the room. After the ceremony was the cocktail hour with it’s signature drink and yummy hor d’ourves that definitely represented Daniel & Alan’s Hispanic heritage. From there it was time to dance the night away. Daniel said he picked every single song in the playlist and he did a great job. For some reason weddings bring out the crazy in Luke & I, we drink and dance our butts off. Just ask any of my friends whose weddings we have gone to and they will have stories I am sure. It was a wonderful, fun night and I was so happy that I got to be a part of it. Here is to many years of happiness. I love you guys and again CONGRATS!!

So much love!

Like I said, crazy! 🙂

I put a little slideshow together of all the pictures that people took so if you would like to see that you can click here.

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