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Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

by Kristeena

I grew up in a baseball family and my husband played growing up and also has collected baseball cards since he was young so when we found out they were building a new Spring Training ballpark walking distance from our house we were excited. What made it even better is that one of the teams is the Washington Nationals and their manager is Dusty Baker, who used to be the manager of the Giants when my dad played. Tuesday we went to our first game there, Washington Nationals vs Boston Red Sox (Luke’s favorite team.) Dusty was nice enough to leave us 4 tickets and when we had to go pick them up at the player’s will call I dorked out and thought I was fancy. It reminded me of when my dad used to play and I would want to ride home with him because the fans would always be waiting for the cars to drive by so they could try and get autographs. It made me feel special! 🙂

I’m so fancy 🙂

We had great seats between home plate and the 1st base line on the Nationals side of course. The park looks great and they have Stella beer so they won me over right there. There is nothing better than a baseball game with an ice cold beer. They also have a party deck that you can reserve if you have 40 people or more which would be a lot of fun! The Red Sox ending up winning the game, 5 to 3. We definitely hope to be able to make a few more games before the season is over.   If you have time to go check out a game you can find the schedule for both the Astros & Nationals here.

My Giants hat is a homage to Dusty & my dad 🙂

Whoever designed the women’s bathroom stalls is a genius! A shelf for my beer?? Amazing!



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