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Vintage Leather Shoulder Bag: My New Love

by Kristeena

Anyone who knows me knows I love to shop for two things: shoes & purses. Back in my shopaholic heyday I would buy 4 purses at a time. Did I need that many no but how can you choose between so many cute options?! As I have gotten older my shopaholic ways have been put on the back burner but every once in a while I see something I just have to have. A few weeks ago I was browsing on Instagram, came across this gorgeous bag on Ricky’s Creature Comforts page and decided I had to have it. It takes a lot for me to buy something for myself but I knew I had to treat myself to this.

This purse comes in 4 different colors: green, rose, blue, and gray. I chose gray because, while all the other colors were beautiful, I wanted a neutral color. It came in the mail on Friday and it was instant love! First off it arrived nicely packaged which impressed me. It was in a cloth bag and then wrapped in plastic for double protection. There is nothing worse than receiving a product packaged badly so straight from the start I was impressed.

This bag is so versatile, I can bring it to work during the day and take it out on the town at night. At 9 inches tall and 13 inches wide it is the perfect size for me. Not too bulky but big enough that I can fit everything I need in it. It has 4 compartments that zipper on the outside, two zipper compartments on the inside, and also two interior pockets. Plenty of space to hold whatever you need to. It can be carried by the straps or you can use the removable straps that come with it. Like I said so versatile! I may be treating myself to another color soon!!

If you would like to get one for yourself, or check out the other amazing products, you can visit the Ricky’s Creature Comforts website here.

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Teresakoedyker March 20, 2017 - 12:27 pm

I am in love with this purse!! So you had no issues with purchasing and receiving it!! I wanted to order but never heard of the company!!

Kristeena March 22, 2017 - 7:49 am

No issues at all! I saw the company on Instagram when they posted a picture of the purse and I bought it that same day. I absolutely love it! I know a couple other people who have bought it since and they all say the same thing. If you get it let me know what you think!!


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